TSG Hoffenheim – RB Lipsko

The Leipzig bulls were clearly unpleasant surprise last season when they reached the second place in the league with an attractive combination of football. The skeptics, however, described Hasenhütt’s part as a comet of one year – the RB was waiting for the RB baseball team to be the main team of the Champions League, and many skeptics did not believe that the young team would be able to play European cups in addition to the domestic competition.

However, Leipzig has a very good prospect in the Champions League before the last match, and in the Bundesliga again belongs to the second place, with only a three-point distance from the Bayern champion. Another win can be Werner et al. add to the Hoffenheim course.

He has not been able to make perfect performances of the previous year, he has only won five times in the thirteen rounds he has played, and he is seventh in the table. No wonder, the Nagelsman ensemble left two key players before the season – as perspective Süle, the so-called Universal Rudy, headed for Munich.

Winning against Leipzig would surely delight fans of the TSG. In addition, the bulls will be missing one of the important players, Marcel Sabitzer’s offensive tire knocked out a wounded shoulder. I Hoffenheim, however, reports losses in the attacking rows – Serge Gnabry’s muscular problems, and Sandro Wagner’s naughty but productive forvard has been ordered by the soccer rest.

The favor of the match is hard to guess, but the guests will go forward with favorable statistics from the past season – they were just the Red Bulls, who defeated the first Nagelsman’s team in the previous year.

Bayern Mnichov – Hannover 96

One day it was supposed to come. Bayern under Jupp Heynckes, who took off at the start of October, resembled an unstoppable machine running from victory to victory. Now, on the way to the sixth Bundesliga title in the Die Roten line under the old coach, they stumbled for the first time. And it is not a surprise that the bass of the Burner series of invincibility has been exhibited by a classic rival – Borussia Mönchengladbach.

With no overall German top competition, Bayern has not had such a negative balance in recent years, just as it is with Hrebet from Borussia-Park – no matter who is sitting on the bench of Munich’s favorite. Bayern had to swallow a defeat of 1: 2 and after a week of Betclic free bet online conscience, Lewandowski et al. the opportunity to return to the winning wave. Opponents have an ideal look at it, Hannover is a newcomer among the German elite, and Bayern can rely on supporting domestic fans at the Allianz Arena.

Even so, the largest German team does not expect anything simple – except that Hannover has a good performance at its re-launched bundesliga, and the Andre Breitenreiter team has a comfortable tenth after 13 rounds, Bayern has tremendous Unibet online betting tips problems with himself.

Heynckes’s team is tormented by a big boar – besides the long-injured Neuer and the Thiag, they are out of the game of Ribery, Robben … so the fans of Die Roten can at least get Müller and James back in the past weeks as well as spending football without football.

Robert Lewandowski also contributed to the debate about the Munich epidemic during the week. In an interview with German SportBidl, the Polish sharpener said that he was looking for the causes of the current Bavarian lazaret two or three months ago. So when Bayern led Carlo Ancelotti … well, those two guys would not go to the coffee together.

VfL Wolfsburg – Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach has taken shape and intends to extend the series of invincibility. Wolfsburg has only the assurance that in case of defeat he will stay above the descent zone.

The foals of the previous round managed to defeat Heynckes Bayern after a mighty performance and immediately speculated whether Carl Ancelotti’s successor was the right man for the Munich giant’s bench. Not only was the performance of Hecking’s team hilarious but physically extremely demanding. Just four players ran over 12 kilometers!

“We’re really good at this victory, we’ve got to play with passion and enthusiasm, and I was very pleased with our work at the time we did not have the ball on our shoes, but in the second half we were lucky, “said coach Dieter Hecking, whose squad suddenly rose to fourth.

Gladbach is missing Strobl, Bénes, Hofmann, Jantschke, Traoré, Doucouré and Kramer. Still, one can expect an experienced coach to develop a tactic that the Wolfsburg rival can do at least. In addition, Raffael and Patrick Herrmann seem to be in good shape. So Wolves definitely know that after an encounter with Augsburg there is another challenging duel.

“No other team has picked up so many points in the last four matches, like Borussia Mönchengladbach, but we have not played at home since August, and we will want to prolong this series, and we will definitely play for the win,” Martin Schmidt, Ignacio Camacho, Sebastian Jung, Jakub Blaszczykowski, and Maximilian Arnold.

Hertha BSC – Eintracht Frankfurt

Hertha has given her a very embarrassing performance, which has been her failure to participate in the spring phase of the European League. Eintracht hesitated in the last two duels, but the Olympic Stadium could still see a remarkable football show.

The old lady after the three-time pause (in the sum of all the competitions) scored the last weekend. Which, however, was not that difficult, considering the fact that the rival Cologne was a rival. Hungarian coach Pál Dárdai knows he is now confronted with another caliber. It is only a matter of fact that the Berlin team has been doing well in the past.

“Frankfurt is a very, very well-organized team Physically well prepared The players are waiting for the opponent’s fault and they are able to punish them from the rapid counterattacks However, we go to the risk and want to play offensive football If they are punished by counter-attacks, it will be our fault “But we will want to win, so we have to move forward, not for being inexperienced but not waiting patiently for the opportunity,” Dardai said resolutely.

Vladimir Darida and Valentin Stocker will not take part in his charges. Apparently Julian Schieber and Sebastian Langkamp will be too soon. On the contrary, after a long pause, Niklas Stark returns, so he could quietly stop the post. Another alternative may be Jordan Torunarigha. Davie Selke and Vedad Ibišević, who also decided the last week’s duel, will be in the attack.

Niko Kovać can not rely on the work of Alexander Meier, Mark Fabian, Omar Mascarella, Timothy Chandler, Nelson Mandel Mbouhorn, and Jonathan de Guzmán, but that does not mean that he should not have some choices. Such a Makoto Hasebe can play without hesitation on both the stoper and the defensive midfielder. Danny da Costa is more or less universal.

The Croatian coach admitted that it would be a special match for him. He was born in Berlin and played for HSC. “Every time you can look at the town where you were born, it’s beautiful and exceptional, I still have a lot of friends and relatives in Berlin, but now I’m just concentrating on the game, and we’ll have to pay attention to the attackers , because Hertha has an extraordinary shooter in the squad, “he said.

Real Sociedad – Rosenborg BK 4:0

In a clear matter, the match between Real Sociedad and Norwegian Rosenborg Trondheim has changed. The Basks have managed their opponents already in the first half and, after changing the sides, have increased their final score to 4: 0.

The Basks did not match with Rosenborg and they secured the victory in the first half. The home team had a fantastic start at Hoete, his opponent immediately pushed his own goal and threw one chance after another. The onslaught was so great that in the 9th minute the Norwegians first got the money. Illarramendi sent a poison from a distance, Hansen just started out and Diego Llorente opened a shotgun with a quick stop. A minute later, David Zurutuza ran through two stops and raised his head to 2-0.

San Sebastian continued to push his opponent and Hansen was in a fire. He hit well both against the head of Prieta and Willian, though his head was not accurate. 41 minutes ago it was the third time for the Basque. After center Sergio Canalese scored his own goal Jorgen Skjelvik.

Forty minutes later, the winner of the match was decided. Rosenborg still had plenty of time to do something, and soccer history remembers reversals of an unfriendly outcome of 0: 3, but San Sebastian played just fine. Perhaps the blow of Trondsen was worth it, but Rulli did not have to interfere.

After an hour of play, he burned a 100% chance with Juanmi and Rulli struck Ralli against Samuel’s wound. Fourth of a year before the end, the home was fourth. Diego Llorente got a fingertip on Hansena’s shot from the right.

Vardar Skopje – Zenit Petrohrad 0:5

Vardar did not get the right foot into his prime match at the base. Although he always won in front of European Cups before his own fans, this time he had to bow to favor Zenit. He scored three victories for his victory and after the break he added two more to his account.

Macedonian champion has suffered one of the worst halves of this season. The team of Robert Mancini coach Skopje has not missed an inexpressible opponent, who Unibet undergoes a real football revival under Russian owner Sergey Samsonenko, and it was missing four players of Oleg Šatov, Leandro Paredes, Yuri Lodygin and Aleksandr Anjukov.

The home team, who managed twice to defeat the Turkish giant from Fenerbahce in the fourth prelude of the European League, has been devastating a tactical plan since the opening minutes. At 6 minutes, Noboa sent a corner from a corner Unibet quarter to a closer pole, where Vardar’s defense did not watch Kokorin, and he easily surpassed goalkeeper Gačevski.

About a quarter of a second later, Zenit secured his leadership. The left side created an opportunity for the visitors 3 minutes into the match, and Kokorin was not about to let it go by. He did not have to break his stride, and slipped the ball past the keeper to make it 0 – In the 26th minute Dzjub tried to score goals, but in this moment Gacevski’s shrine was not in jeopardy.

He did not have to worry, however, because in 39 minutes his colleague Kokorin fearlessly set up an assault, and in a few seconds he appeared in the lime completely alone, then he Unibet Australia was short-sighted to his teammate and easily overcame Gačevski. Even after a break, the game of the Macedonian team did not improve significantly.

The St. Petersburg team continued to be better and more efficient, and Nikolov in the 47th minute gently smashed the gloves of goalkeeper Luněva and Barseghjan a few Unibet moments later fired outside, Vardar did not virtually take any more serious opportunity to get him on horseback. On the other hand, in the last third of the match, he still confirmed his dominance.

At first, the 66-minute Noboa was cleared by Nikolova and left Polozovi, who scored sixteen in which Gačevski fired ahead of him, but only Ivanovich, who came from the fall. At the end, Noboa sent a perpendicular to Rigoni, who had a tedious stroke and adjusted the Unibet balloon to the far stick.

SBV Vitesse – SS Lazio 2:3

Vitesse has led twice over Lazio, but he does not even have a point. Biancocelesti confirmed the excellent form of the league and finished the turnaround against the Dutch. The Gelredome stadium in Arnhem has witnessed five goals.

A great form of Serie A was played by Luis Alberto, who was very much at the start of the game and his head inside the penalty area had goal parameters. Unfortunately for Lazio, she ended up next door. Vitesse almost hit the first bigger chance. Rašica sent a textbook to a small lime and Tim Matavž scored 28 goals. He did not offer the next half-time, and Simone Inzaghi went to the dressing room unhappy.

After changing sides, Lazio showed improvement and soon compared the situation. After a shot and a series of rebounds, Marco Parolo and goalie Pasveer thought he was going to stand by the balloon, but Parolo did not miss the bar. But Lazio has long been disquieting from the settlement. After another center, Bryan Linssen and Vitesse led again.

Nor did this condition last long, because after Caicet’s pass, the cannon Ciro immobile had cleaned the balloon. The Italian team felt it was breaking the bread and a 3: 2 goal before the end of the season. Alessandra Murgiu was defeated by Vitesse in vain, and the visiting player surpassed Pasveer for the third time. Inzaghi’s trustees have not already made the lead and scored the first three points in the table.