Vardar Skopje – Zenit Petrohrad 0:5

Vardar did not get the right foot into his prime match at the base. Although he always won in front of European Cups before his own fans, this time he had to bow to favor Zenit. He scored three victories for his victory and after the break he added two more to his account.

Macedonian champion has suffered one of the worst halves of this season. The team of Robert Mancini coach Skopje has not missed an inexpressible opponent, who Unibet undergoes a real football revival under Russian owner Sergey Samsonenko, and it was missing four players of Oleg Šatov, Leandro Paredes, Yuri Lodygin and Aleksandr Anjukov.

The home team, who managed twice to defeat the Turkish giant from Fenerbahce in the fourth prelude of the European League, has been devastating a tactical plan since the opening minutes. At 6 minutes, Noboa sent a corner from a corner Unibet quarter to a closer pole, where Vardar’s defense did not watch Kokorin, and he easily surpassed goalkeeper Gačevski.

About a quarter of a second later, Zenit secured his leadership. The left side created an opportunity for the visitors 3 minutes into the match, and Kokorin was not about to let it go by. He did not have to break his stride, and slipped the ball past the keeper to make it 0 – In the 26th minute Dzjub tried to score goals, but in this moment Gacevski’s shrine was not in jeopardy.

He did not have to worry, however, because in 39 minutes his colleague Kokorin fearlessly set up an assault, and in a few seconds he appeared in the lime completely alone, then he Unibet Australia was short-sighted to his teammate and easily overcame Gačevski. Even after a break, the game of the Macedonian team did not improve significantly.

The St. Petersburg team continued to be better and more efficient, and Nikolov in the 47th minute gently smashed the gloves of goalkeeper Luněva and Barseghjan a few Unibet moments later fired outside, Vardar did not virtually take any more serious opportunity to get him on horseback. On the other hand, in the last third of the match, he still confirmed his dominance.

At first, the 66-minute Noboa was cleared by Nikolova and left Polozovi, who scored sixteen in which Gačevski fired ahead of him, but only Ivanovich, who came from the fall. At the end, Noboa sent a perpendicular to Rigoni, who had a tedious stroke and adjusted the Unibet balloon to the far stick.


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