VfL Wolfsburg – Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach has taken shape and intends to extend the series of invincibility. Wolfsburg has only the assurance that in case of defeat he will stay above the descent zone.

The foals of the previous round managed to defeat Heynckes Bayern after a mighty performance and immediately speculated whether Carl Ancelotti’s successor was the right man for the Munich giant’s bench. Not only was the performance of Hecking’s team hilarious but physically extremely demanding. Just four players ran over 12 kilometers!

“We’re really good at this victory, we’ve got to play with passion and enthusiasm, and I was very pleased with our work at the time we did not have the ball on our shoes, but in the second half we were lucky, “said coach Dieter Hecking, whose squad suddenly rose to fourth.

Gladbach is missing Strobl, Bénes, Hofmann, Jantschke, Traoré, Doucouré and Kramer. Still, one can expect an experienced coach to develop a tactic that the Wolfsburg rival can do at least. In addition, Raffael and Patrick Herrmann seem to be in good shape. So Wolves definitely know that after an encounter with Augsburg there is another challenging duel.

“No other team has picked up so many points in the last four matches, like Borussia Mönchengladbach, but we have not played at home since August, and we will want to prolong this series, and we will definitely play for the win,” Martin Schmidt, Ignacio Camacho, Sebastian Jung, Jakub Blaszczykowski, and Maximilian Arnold.


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