TSG Hoffenheim – RB Lipsko

The Leipzig bulls were clearly unpleasant surprise last season when they reached the second place in the league with an attractive combination of football. The skeptics, however, described Hasenhütt’s part as a comet of one year – the RB was waiting for the RB baseball team to be the main team of the Champions League, and many skeptics did not believe that the young team would be able to play European cups in addition to the domestic competition.

However, Leipzig has a very good prospect in the Champions League before the last match, and in the Bundesliga again belongs to the second place, with only a three-point distance from the Bayern champion. Another win can be Werner et al. add to the Hoffenheim course.

He has not been able to make perfect performances of the previous year, he has only won five times in the thirteen rounds he has played, and he is seventh in the table. No wonder, the Nagelsman ensemble left two key players before the season – as perspective Süle, the so-called Universal Rudy, headed for Munich.

Winning against Leipzig would surely delight fans of the TSG. In addition, the bulls will be missing one of the important players, Marcel Sabitzer’s offensive tire knocked out a wounded shoulder. I Hoffenheim, however, reports losses in the attacking rows – Serge Gnabry’s muscular problems, and Sandro Wagner’s naughty but productive forvard has been ordered by the soccer rest.

The favor of the match is hard to guess, but the guests will go forward with favorable statistics from the past season – they were just the Red Bulls, who defeated the first Nagelsman’s team in the previous year.


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