SBV Vitesse – SS Lazio 2:3

Vitesse has led twice over Lazio, but he does not even have a point. Biancocelesti confirmed the excellent form of the league and finished the turnaround against the Dutch. The Gelredome stadium in Arnhem has witnessed five goals.

A great form of Serie A was played by Luis Alberto, who was very much at the start of the game and his head inside the penalty area had goal parameters. Unfortunately for Lazio, she ended up next door. Vitesse almost hit the first bigger chance. Rašica sent a textbook to a small lime and Tim Matavž scored 28 goals. He did not offer the next half-time, and Simone Inzaghi went to the dressing room unhappy.

After changing sides, Lazio showed improvement and soon compared the situation. After a shot and a series of rebounds, Marco Parolo and goalie Pasveer thought he was going to stand by the balloon, but Parolo did not miss the bar. But Lazio has long been disquieting from the settlement. After another center, Bryan Linssen and Vitesse led again.

Nor did this condition last long, because after Caicet’s pass, the cannon Ciro immobile had cleaned the balloon. The Italian team felt it was breaking the bread and a 3: 2 goal before the end of the season. Alessandra Murgiu was defeated by Vitesse in vain, and the visiting player surpassed Pasveer for the third time. Inzaghi’s trustees have not already made the lead and scored the first three points in the table.


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